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Are Your Financial Needs Covered?

We offer tax planning services in Whitestone, NY

Taxes should never come as a surprise. Yet most people have only a hazy idea of what theirs will look like before they sit down to fill them out. Tax planning is more than a sneak peek at next year's filings. It's a vital part of your financial wellness.

Without tax planning services, you can't make the most of your financial situation. Call CYH Accounting Services Corp. today to talk to a financial planner.

It's time to plan for your financial future

When it comes to financial planning for the future, now is the time to start. Future financial planning includes:

  • Investment planning: Map out major purchases and expenses.
  • Creating a child plan: Don't leave goals for your child's future vague.
  • Retirement and insurance planning: Start planning today for a comfortable tomorrow.

If you think you still have plenty of time, consider this: If you don't have a well-planned IRA, you've been losing money in potential compound interest every year since you filed your first return.

Don't wait for the future to arrive - go out and meet it. Call our Whitestone, NY office today to schedule your financial planning appointment.